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Depending on your educational background, you will  be able to enrol in one of the following levels of study:


          •   A 12-month Pre-University foundation programme

              leading to undergraduate studies.

            A 12-24-month Diploma that will take you

              directly to first or second year of University.

            A Bachelors degree of your choice.

            A Master’s Degree of your choice.





AEC will be able to assist you with admission to a University or College, depending on your academic background. Entry can be after successful completion of:


       •  O Levels       •  AS Level      •  A Levels

       •  KCSE           •  IB                 •  Foundation*

       •  Certificate*   •  Diploma*      •  Degrees*

*Must be from recognised bodies.


Admission process can take between 2 – 6 weeks depending on where you apply to.







AEC will guide you in obtaining an Australian Student Visa. Our trained and experienced staff will guide you on how to complete the Australian Student Visa forms and what supporting documents are required. We will then submit your application electronically and assist you in getting an appointment for your biometrics and medical examination. We have a great success rate for students obtaining a visa.


The minimum processing time for the Australian Student Visa is 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on your visa assessment level classification, after your application has been submitted. Each student visa application is unique and individually assessed. The final decision is made by the  DEPARTMENT OF IMMIGRATION AND BORDER PROTECTION.


AEC helps with the following Australian Visa's:


         •   Student Visa

         •   Business Visitor Visa

         •   Tourist Visa